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by the Washboard Abs

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debut full length album released on Antiquated Future Records, March 2016 // buy a tape:


released March 18, 2016

all songs written and recorded by clarke sondermann

miriam vonnahme sings on track 1
angelo vitello plays guitar on track 4 & 11
matilde van fleet sings on track 5
brendan burton plays bass on track 5
mike kaplan yells on track 10

mastered by anton kreuger

cover art by alex fiedler
(inside photography by lena hindes)

special thanks to joshua, liv, amanda, nat, jacob, kiana, nathan, harm, maddie, & andrew



all rights reserved


the Washboard Abs Olympia, Washington

angela + brendan + clarke + grant

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Track Name: dust
meet me in between the cities we grew up in
the places we have loved

your skin in your jeans, the way your spirit moves you
the way you're made of dust

take me far away to forests with no ceiling
to bridges made of sand

by the time that we awake our legs have turned to cedars
we don't need them to stand
Track Name: window
early in the morning, or later in the day
your brother will be snoring, the sky will slowly grey
and i will drink my coffee, and i will try to say
i think about you often, i hope you're not okay

the story isn't over, we'll write another page
we're better when we're sober, we're best when we're afraid

the faces i've forgotten, the places that i've left
are rolling down my cheekbones, i never can forget
but i remember nothing except the way you smiled
when you built me a coffin, when you got no reply

my hands were always shaking, i told you i'm afraid
that night will last forever, i want it to be day
Track Name: sugar skull
the first time i did cocaine the pleasure didn't really feel like pain
but i lied awake til 8 am, alone
the first time i ran away i thought that nothing was the same
and i crawled the empty streets to greet the dawn

and every morning there's a foul taste in my mouth
as i chew my frontal lobe and spit the pieces out
i can't control the days, this ship is rocking, let it sway
the sky just means the moon is there for you

the first time i lied to you it seemed so real it felt like truth
and even now i don't know what to believe
the first time the sky fell down it didn't even make a sound
but the blinding light kept me awake for days

and in the darkness i can almost see your face
and i'm reminded of a time and of a place
we gave our bones away and danced until the break of day
we set ourselves on fire, we knew the truth
cause you're ablaze for me and me for you

first time we fell asleep the boiling water tasted sweet
and the sky was getting greener every day
first time the lights went out your candles burned away the clouds
and bitter night turned into bitter day

everywhere i go i'm followed by my doubts
the echoes turn to oceans, whispers turn to shouts
nevermind the rain, our hair is wet our skin is grey
and i am getting further from the truth
at least i know that you are falling too
Track Name: groundform
swallowed by the sky
hollow; void of i
i knew your name
who is to blame?

distance takes its shape
fiction turns to fate
cold winds above
told through the blood
Track Name: the day draws nearer
someday soon, some afternoon
i'll read about it in the news
in your backyard you talk to god
about the heartbreak you forgot

the days are getting shorter
the winter's coming in
i laugh a little louder
i'm ready to begin

yesterday at the parade
everything began to fade
i don't mind, be left behind
among the dust i'll pass the time

my hair is getting thinner
my teeth are falling out
i'm tired of being the sinner
i'm crippled by my doubt
Track Name: something new
scribbled scraps of thoughts, litter them in parking lots
the world won't know my name but i'll make them know my pain

church bells ringing loud, why the fuck are they so proud?
i wish i could believe but believe me, they don't want me

i'm searching for a way out, my feet are bound for higher ground
searching for something new, my skin is cold, my lips are blue

pulling out my teeth on the same day every week
daydreams start to bleed and i try to make ends meet

blistered hands turn grey, i will hold you anyway
there's nothing left to say, there is so much in my way

i'm searching for a way out, my feet are bound for higher ground
searching for something new, my skin is cold, my lips are blue
Track Name: home
home, everlasting
known, never asking
time drifting backwards
joy, everafter
Track Name: fall two
i take my time catching my breath
i press rewind, recount my steps
you will not hear me fall
i will not hear you call

replace my thoughts with empty space
count every shadow on your face
i wake up on the floor
take everything and more
Track Name: hold me down
eyes closed or open i fear the light
i dreamt of your funeral late in the night
where are you going?
what do you need?
i'm always forgetting the way that you flee

will you hold me down?

i never stopped smoking, i never quite tried
but maybe when spring comes i'll run out of lies
my body is breaking, my wounds on display
my hands won't stop shaking, i don't know my name

will you hold me down?
Track Name: okay
in my head
holes you left
i felt the fever start to spread

every day
feels okay
i never knew what i should say

your fading light shines far and bright
i don't mind
Track Name: ghosts
walking alone through the dark
i feel your weight, i see a spark
but i don't miss you anymore

after it rains, after the flood
we will reclaim your spilling blood
and i won't miss you anymore

my stomach growls, my lips are cracked
my feet are aching to go back
but i don't miss you anymore

what's left for me but going blind,
or hunting ghosts to pass the time?
i can't feel you anymore
Track Name: ladder
i can feel you in the breeze
your spirit knocks me to my knees

and i wanted you to know that every time it snows
the frost spells out your name

you're never there when I awake
or when my knees begin to shake

but i wanted to believe you were singing in my sleep
and i could feel you breathe

every morning since you died i have tried to stay alive
but you need to know i cared even when I wasn't there

can you still feel this love